Stargazing in your car is a totally romantic date that manages to be inexpensive without making you look like a cheapskate. It’s a sincere and thoughtful outing. But a car with no leg-room, low windshield visibility, and miniscule backseat could cramp your style. Here are 6 cars with big windshields and ample backseat room for romantic stargazing at your local make out point.

The Hyundai Sonata


The Sonata is not the sexiest car, but it’s practical and spacious. The interior of the Sonata is extremely spacious. 45.5” rear leg room feels like extravagance, even if the outside doesn’t look it. With heated rear seats, you’ve got the perfect roomy car for late night, stargazing snuggling sessions up on the hill.

Kia Forte


The Kia Forte is the cheapest compact car on the market. It has 35.9 inches of rear seat legroom. It’s ideal for the cash-strapped whose partner loves backseat, stargazing make outs.

Range Rover


Unlike the Kia Forte, this car will break the bank. But what you trade in savings you make up for by sitting up, surrounded by huge vertical windows ideal for stargazing. Windshield pillars are thin, making for a panoramic view out the front and sides.

Honda Fit


The Honda Fit‘s upright hatchback design provides plenty of interior space and has windshield great visibility. This subcompact car provides a few stargazing options, whether you prefer to cozy up in the front and observe through the large windshield, or if you favor backseat relaxing with your sweetie.

Subaru Outback


If you are all about stargazing and make outs in practical, roomy cars this is the car for you. Like the Forester, the Outback‘s upright greenhouse, big windows, and thin pillars all combine to optimize visibility, making it the perfect car for late night cosmos watching dates.

Acura RDX


With 42-inches of legroom in the front and 38.3-inches in the back, the RDX is definitely a comfortable car. Acura recently made a backseat ride a bit more comfortable by adding air vents for rear seat passengers, so no worries about fogging up the windows too much when you take your space date to the backseat.