Car Sales Guide to 5 Steps to Close the Sale

  • NW&A Sales Training

In car sales you need to make sure you give your all on every customer, by going through the proper steps, asking the right closing questions, and then of course asking for the SALE!

1. Make a professional first impression with your greeting.

I have stated and stressed this must have quality over and over. We have all heard the saying the first impression is the most important and lasting. When you go to greet the customer, walk up to them with a confident posture. Look them directly in the eyes, confidently not aggressively and state your full name. If they don’t initally give you their name ask for it, then shake their hand, as well as all the other members of their group.

2. Truly find out what the customer is looking for.

When you have a buyer in front of you, you want to ask the proper questions to find out their real reason for being on the lot. Find a way to slow them down and expose to you their real needs. Realize you are going to excel your chances to sell them a car (most likely today) if you try and sell them what they really want. Ask a different series of questions to find what they really want, and what they are really trying to accomplish.

3. Get them to know you and build a trusting relationship.

Now you have an idea of what they want, and what they are trying to accomplish, start letting them know who you are. Keep moving forward in the car buying process, but let them start to find out who you really are (family, hobbies, ect.) and start asking them questions about themselves, and their family, hobbies, ect. This is how you build a relationship and get them to like and trust
you. A trusting relationship is the strongest part of the process, because people are more likely to buy a car from someone they trust. A trusting relationship rates over price almost every time in someone’s decision who they are going to buy from.

4. Land them on the vehicle that best fits their wants and needs.

Now that you have an idea of what they really want, you have shown an interest in who they are, and built a trusting relationship take them out to a vehicle in stock that best fits their needs. It may not be the exact color they want, may have more or less options than they want, and there is going to be a great chance the price isn’t going to be what they initially wanted to pay. As a sales professional it is your job to overcome these objections and build value in you and your product. SWAT Sell What’s Available Today! You will cut your opportunity to sell the customer in front of you in half if you try to do a dealer trade.


This is a question many sales people, even at times sales professionals forget to ask. When you go through the steps properly, and you do this with enthusiasm, a confident demeanor/posture, you have built value in yourself and your product, and landed them on a vehicle that fits their needs, asking for the sale is the last step of the progression. Customers do not always know how to tell you that you did everything right and they are ready to buy from you. As the sales professional you are, go over everything they told you they wanted that you are giving to them, reiterate everything you are giving them and state their names saying “can I earn your family’s business here with me today on this vehicle.”

It really is this easy. Follow these steps with enthusiasm, confidence and a real passion to serve and sell the people in front of you, and you will close the sale every time.

Another motivational blogpost written by, Author, Lead Trainer, Motivator, and Dealership Consultant Noel Walsh the owner of NW&A and creator of “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training from Ann Arbor in south eastern, Michigan.