Toyota RAV4: History of a Trendsetter

The Toyota RAV4 is a trendsetter. There are an overwhelming number of small SUVs on the road today, but it wasn’t like that nearly two decades ago when the RAV4 was introduced. Available all-wheel drive, excellent handling and superb fuel economy are just some of the...
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A Jeep Made for the City

When you hear the name Jeep, you think of a Wrangler scaling boulders on the Rubicon trail. Well, the Compass isn’t that kind of Jeep. The Compass is Jeep’s first attempt at a crossover SUV. It’s far more at home on city streets than in the backwoods. When the Jeep...
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GMC Sierra: Rugged and Dependable

GMC doesn’t make wimpy cars – it makes rugged, dependable trucks. And the GMC Sierra is no exception. The Sierra nameplate has been attached to GMC trucks going back as far as 1972. It’s a title that conjures of images of tough, American-made iron. HISTORY OF THE GMC...
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Ford Edge: It’ll Go Anywhere

History of the Ford Edge A mid-side crossover sounds about as exciting as plain vanilla ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Crossovers have justly earned their reputation – most will bore your socks off. The Ford Edge bucks this trend by becoming a do-it-all, go...
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