Stand Out With the Chevy Equinox

Go to any strip mall and you’re bound to find a sea of compact crossover SUVs in the parking lot. No one wants to be seen in a plain old minivan anymore – SUVs are all the rage. The Chevy Equinox is one such compact SUV, which has been popular from the moment it was...
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Built Ford Tough: The F250 Super Duty

The F250 is the truck for people who have serious work to do. It’s the rig you buy when a half ton truck just won’t cut it. The F250 is a ¾ ton truck available in many different configurations from a diesel crew cab four-wheel drive to a gasoline-powered single cab...
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Bring On the Fun with the Ford Focus

Ford has had a history of building subpar compact cars – remember the Fiesta and Escort? That all changed with the introduction of the Focus. Finally, Ford had a dependable, fun compact car in their lineup. HISTORY OF THE FORD FOCUS First Generation (2000-2008) The...
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Be A Trendsetter with the Honda CRV

There is a dizzying array of compact SUVs on the market today, but it wasn’t always that way. The Honda CRV was a trend setter, one of the first compact SUVs designed strictly for on-road driving. Since its debut, the SUV has earned a loyal following and it’s easy to...
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