WARNING: Windshield Scam Is Targeting Drivers

If you think it’s too hot for criminals to strike, you’re wrong. According to Boredom Therapy, a popular windshield scam is targeting people across the country. Here’s the story Savannah Nguyen recently told about her mother’s brush with danger: Nguyen’s mother was...
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Honda And SoftBank Are Working On A Car That Reads Driver Emotions

There’s a lot you expect your car to do. The top priority is that it gets you where you need to go and does that safely, but there are certain luxuries most every car owner wants. Music, air conditioning, and comfortable seats are just a few items on the list. As car...
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Mazda Dreamed A Dream of Diesel

There will be no death toll for Mazda’s diesel dreams, at least not yet. Last week, Mazda Motor Corporation CEO Masamichi Kogai told Automotive News that the company is still working on entering the U.S. diesel market. (This happened at the unveiling of the revamped...
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Atlanta Is Where Car Lovers Thrive

What is the biggest car lovers’ town? If you ask Tim Echols, member of the Georgia Public Service Commission, Atlanta is definitely one of them. He expressed this viewpoint in a recent opinion piece for the Atlanta Business Chronicle and here’s his reasoning: First...
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